Expert Author Cassandra Mack
Are you thinking about what you can do to make this year better than last? I know I have. A lot has been said about setting goals and making resolutions. But sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. Reason being there's so much you want to do and so many things you want to accomplish that it's easy to get stuck in what I call Goals Overload. This is where you get so overloaded with all the things you want to do that you end up spreading yourself too thin for your own good. As a result you become busier but not necessarily more productive.
As you sit down to set your goals for 2009 focus on three things that you really want. Then for each of the three goals that you set, write down three steps that you will take before the end of the month to move yourself in the direction of your goals. Buy yourself a goals notebook, a 99 cent composition notebook that you set aside specifically for your goals and dreams will suffice. Then, put your plans on paper so that 2009 becomes the year that you rise and shine.
Let me know what your three goals are for 2009 by adding your comments to this post and the three steps that you're going to take to move yourself closer to your goals and I'll follow up with you in the comments section here by the end of the month to see how you're doing.
Remember - You hold the pen that writes the chapters of your life.
Expert Author Cassandra Mack
You can put out a crisis without batting an eyelash. Every day, without fail, you come to the office early, stay late, work through lunch and take extra work home on the weekends for good measure. You're the go-to person, the get-things-done person, the-clean-up-other-people's mess person... often to your own detriment. If this is you, then you've fallen head first into the superwoman trap. It's never too late to take off the cape...that is if you're willing and ready to do so.
Some time ago, I conducted a workshop at Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC entitled "Escaping The Super Woman Trap". During this workshop I had an opportunity to meet some pretty, amazing women who were operating on overload because they were spreading themselves too thin. We connected, commiserated and took away some food for thought around how to honor our lives in the moment, identify what's draining us and retrain friends and family to respect our energy constraints and priorities.
As the workshop leader, I shared some helpful strategies and invited the women to share tips of their own. I also asked the women to exchange e-mail addresses as a way of expanding their network and holding themselves accountable. Now my wheels are spinning around the idea of planning a weekend, out-of-town retreat where we can get a change of scenery in order to make the small changes that add up to a life well lived.
The bottom line here is we've all got to juggle competing priorities - work, family, personal goals and so on. But it is equally important to remember to take time for self. As women we don't take time for self as often as we should and we pay for it big time. We pay with our health, peace of mind, emotional well-being and the quality of our relationsips.
If you are a superwoman who needs to take off the cape, I invite you to to take some time out this week and think about one thing that you can do to take off the superwoman cape - or at least put it down for awhile. Try to get in the habit of taking 15 to 30 minutes each morning to get back in tune with you. When you put yourself at the top of your to-do-list you feel less crazed and life becomes more manageable.
Expert Author Cassandra Mack
Have you ever thought about creating your own vision board? Well 2019 will be here sooner than you know it and a great way to jumpstart the new year with a bang and finish this year strong is by creating your very own vision board that speaks to your most heartfelt desires and dreams.
A vision board is a creative tool that helps you focus on the desires of your heart by placing a pictorial representation in front of you of what you want to do, be and have in life. They help you to visualize your desired future and it places your aspirations, dreams and goals in plain sight so that you can see where you want to go on a daily basis. This helps you to keep the desires of your heart in the forefront of your mins so that you can begin to align your life with the things that matter most to you.
Think of a vision board as a creative space to capture the things that you want to do, be and have in life. Having a creative space that captures what you want to manifest in the near future enables you to focus on your personal goals even when life gets hectic and you have competing issues pulling for your attention.
The reality of our lives is this: Whatever we focus on grows. And if we expend the majority of our time and energy focusing on past mistakes, missed opportunities and the disappointments that we all accumulate as we encounter failures and adversity, then life will pass us by without us every having truly lived. One thing that a vision board does to help people combat disappointment is it provides you with a clean slate to design your life moving forward.
When you create a vision board and place it in an area of your home, job or office where you can look at it daily, you end up engaging your goals, dreams and desires in an intentional way and on a regular basis throughout the day. The primary benefit of engaging with your goals, dreams and desires in a targeted and proactive way is this: The more you focus on what you want out of life rather than what you regret or missed out on, the more you're able to get in the driver's seat of your life from a place of clarity and perseverance in order to create the kind of life that brings you the kind of joy, happiness, companionship, wellbeing, success and peace of mind that you are seeking.
The process of visualizing what you want will literally force you to start examining the desires of your heart and zero in on those things that truly matter to you in this season of your life. Whether you choose to create one master vision board or several smaller vision boards that focus on different aspects of your life, the limited space on your board engages your mind in a process of choosing what you desire and letting go of what you no longer want; so that you can devote more of your time, energy and attention towards bringing your most heartfelt desires into fruition.
To understand why visualizing your desires is so powerful, we need to look at how the mind works. The mind is the tool that creates our world and our minds are designed to help us unlock our potential and live out our definition of success. With every action we take, our thoughts are the driving force behind our choices. When we visualize a goal in vivid detail our minds take a mental picture of our desired future and direct our thoughts, actions and habits towards the attainment of that goal.
The mind is so powerful that every goal that you want to fulfill, every dream that you desire to pursue all emanate from the vision that you have in your mind of your preferred future. So a vision board brings to life, the picture that is already in your mind. And this sets a process in motion, if you stick with it, to help you clarify your goals and map out the necessary action steps to manifest the things that you desire to do, be and have in life.
When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, your mind directs your attention and your actions to start creating that reality. The process of choosing what to put on your vision board is simple and yet often underestimated. However, the simple selection process of deciding what images, words, quotes, affirmations to put on your vision board narrows down your focus and personalizes your board with specific dreams, goals and wishes that matter to you. It's about understanding the power of choice and the momentum of focus.
To get the most from your vision board, it should not only contain pictures and words that represent the things you want to have, but it should also encompass how you want to feel. It's great to include the material things that you want to manifest in your life. But if you also include how you want to feel, you will ensure that you focus on bringing things into your life that only serve you well and that align with the things that give you peace of mind and joy.
There is only one major rule to creating a vision board that works, and it's that there aren't any rules. Don't be afraid of messing up your vision board. You cannot mess up your vision board because you are creating it to reflect the things that you want to manifest in your life. It's your vision board, so have fun with it.
If You'd Like To Create Your Own Vision Board, Here's What You'll Need:
• Any kind of board. You can use large poster board paper or a cork board from the dollar store. Some people use photo albums for their vision board and create a vision board album
Instead. It's totally up to you.
• Scissors, tape, push pins if you are using a cork board, and/or a glue-stick to put the images that you cut out on your board.
• Plenty of Markers, both thick and thin. You can also embellish your board with stickers, or anything else that you can think of to make your vision board feel like your own.
• A variety of magazines that you can cut images and quotes from.
• Additionally, have pictures of things that you want to look at every day like: Photos, quotes, sayings, images of places you want to go, reminders of events, places, or people, postcards from friends and just about anything that will inspire you to manifest your heart's desires.
• Give yourself about an hour or two to create your vision board.
Expert Author Susan Leigh
When a couple divorce many people concentrate on the emotional recovery of the couple and the important practical matters, like finances, home and the business of getting back on their feet. Children are often considered because young children are often directly affected by access decisions and where they will continue to live and be schooled. There is the bigger picture too, of how divorce affects the whole family.
Young children often require stability. They may not have realised exactly what has been going on but they will have been affected by any arguing and upset. Children have been known to blame themselves for their parents disagreements, feeling that their naughtiness or failures in some way contributed to their parents unhappiness. Children need reassurance and routine. They need to know that they are loved by both parents, can speak to both parents and that life will be okay for them. Often they do not need to know any more than that.
Teenagers at home can struggle with a divorce. They may feel that they have to choose between their parents, they may feel that they have to blame one parent. Often there are financial implications on teenagers as there is often less money in the family budget. This may result in implications for their schooling or further education options. Readjusting can take a little time and they need to be emotionally supported through this stage.
Older children, once they have left home are often amazed at how affected they are at their parents breaking up. They often feel that they are grown up, busy in their adult lives at university or working, perhaps in relationships of their own. They know that they should be pleased that their parents are taking charge of their own lives and deciding what is right for them. But the little child inside often rebels and gets upset at the thought that everything they grew up knowing is being broken up.
Some children may feel relieved that a damaging destructive parental relationship is finally being ended. Both parents are free to walk away and start their lives over again, hopefully finding happiness and contentment in the process. Other children may not have fully realised how difficult their parents marriage was. They may have been protected from it or simply got used to the atmosphere and accepted it as normal. There can be a need to readjust and heal from the discovery that the relationship is finally ending.
Grandparents often lose out in divorces. They often feel the need to be loyal to their own son or daughter, but in the process they may well lose contact with their grandchildren. Often one set of grandparents end up doing rather more than before, helping out with childcare, finances, maybe even providing a home for a time. And often the other grandparents may become almost estranged from the family.
Some families choose to use mediation or counselling to help the different parties understand and come to terms with the huge changes to their lives and lifestyle. This type of support can provide a neutral environment in which to voice the concerns and fears that each person has. It can provide an opportunity for the full impact of the situation on each person be appreciated and try to find ways to negotiate and achieve a better outcome as far as possible for each family member.
Expert Author Lynn Pechinski
Protecting your identity online is essential for your brand, reputation and credit worthiness, far more important than updating your Instagram and Facebook every day. Several times a year the news will cover a serious data breach of information being held by major banks, insurance companies and/or social media platforms. Once the data is taken, it can be misused or even lead to identity theft. Deleting your old social media accounts is a vital step to help ensure some measure of identity protection. It is imperative that you keep your online access to your current accounts safe and protected and delete any old accounts.
Here is a guide that will help you delete your old accounts on the most popular social media sites.
Moving onto the biggest social network platform of all time, Facebook, with over a billion users, keeps things simple and makes it incredibly easy for you to deactivate your account.
Once you go into the "settings" tab from the down arrow in your browser, select your Facebook information and then select delete your account and information". When you are in this menu you will go to delete your account and must add the password to confirm.
Foursquare hit the internet over a decade ago to let friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. In order to delete your Foursquare account, you will have to access the platform from your computer. Move onto the "privacy" settings tab where you have to scroll to the end of the page and find an option to delete your account. When you select this option you will go to a page where you need to confirm whether you want to delete your account or not.
Google is the undisputed search engine leader with one of the most interconnected ecosystems. By creating one account for Google you are able to access a plethora of different applications and websites without having to create separate accounts. In order to delete your Google+ or Gmail account, you will need to delete your entire Google account.
Go to "Google account settings" and choose "delete account and services". There you will see the "delete products" option, where you can access all of your Google applications. You need to sign in to all of the websites first before you can delete your account.
Facebook's younger brother is possibly the most used social media platform by Millennials, according to Hootsuite. Thanks to its focus on visual communication, it is the go-to place in order to find talented artists.
Deleting your account is very simple and takes little time to properly accomplish. While you can manage your privacy settings using the mobile app, you must go through an internet browser in order to delete your account. Simply go to the "delete your account page", and there you will have to provide a reason for deleting your account. Once you provide the reason, you will provide your password and then select the option to permanently delete the account.
Linked In
LinkedIn is the social network for professionals looking for new opportunities to connect with other professionals and grow their business and careers. If you are on the platform, the profile should be complete and up-to-date. If you are no longer using the platform, delete the account. At the top right corner of any page of LinkedIn, you will first have to access the "privacy and settings" tab. From there, choose the "account" tab and then select closing your LinkedIn account. You will have to give your feedback and verify your account before you can delete it. From there you will see a post telling you of the consequences of deleting your account and then the final page which will be for confirmation.
This social media platform has been bought and sold several times since its glory days (2005 to 2009). In 2016 their database was breached and leaked to a dark market website. To delete your MySpace account, you will first have to login to the account that you want to delete. From there, select the "gear" icon and choose the "account" tab. There, you will see an option to delete your account. Before you can delete your account you will have to provide a reason after which you will receive an email for confirmation. Open the email and follow its instructions.
Pinterest is a web-based pinboard or bulletin board, a place to bookmark images found online. To delete your Pinterest account you will first have to go to the triple dot icon on the website and select the "edit settings" option. From there you will have to go down to the "account" page and select "deactivate account". From there you will click "yes" to receive an email, which you need to open and follow in order to permanently delete your account.
Snapchat is a service that, for a short time, rivaled Facebook and was the go-to social media app for many people. As is the case with Instagram, you cannot delete your account from the mobile app; you must delete it from a proper browser.
From the website browser, go to "delete your account" and enter your username and password. Your account does not delete instantly and it takes about 30 days to remove all of the information.
Regardless of how famous your really are, everyone has a Twitter handle. Many people follow and get their news from the tweets of everyone from legitimate newsmakers and media organizations to raving fans of our favorite sport teams. Deleting your Twitter account is incredibly easy. It takes at least 30 days for all of your tweets to get deleted. Select "settings and privacy" from the form on the menu and go into the account tab. From there you will have to deactivate your account and enter your password to confirm the action.
Tumblr probably has one of the most bustling communities on the internet, which is also why it is very easy for anyone to delete their account. While you are able to delete your account, the content other people have reposted will remain available on the site. To delete your account, click on the person-shaped icon on the website, and go to "settings". There select "delete account", entering your email and password to confirm the process. Tumblr also states that it takes them a few days to properly wipe all of your content.
Whatsapp is a free messaging app to send Voice over IP (VoIP), images, video calls and documents using a mobile device. To delete your account, simply open your Whatsapp and go to the "settings" menu. From there, select account and go to "Delete my account", after which you will have to enter your phone number in international code and tap "delete".
YouTube is second only to Facebook as a social media platform, owned by Alphabet, the owner the parent company of Google. A well-managed channel can help to improve website ratings. A channel not in use should be deleted. Deleting your channel from the largest video-sharing platform on the internet is quite simple. You will first have to sign into your YouTube account and go to your advanced settings. From there, choose "delete channel" and then opt for "delete channel permanently". This will launch a prompt where you can confirm if you want to delete your channel or would still like to keep it.
Expert Author Mohammad Atif
In 2015, Bloomberg revealed Google's plan to shift its web search to artificial intelligence machines with Rank Brain. Since then, the machine- learning AI system has become an important part of the SEO world. You can say that the machine is better at tackling non-searched queries, especially when it is not sure about the meaning of the query. Initially, Rank Brain existed in 15% Google queries only. However, with time, the AI system has expanded appreciably to affect a majority of Google search results.
How it works?
Rank Brain leverages AI to convert textual search queries into mathematical entities, termed as word vectors. The computer can grasp these vectors or distributed representations easily, with the help of their unique coordinate addresses. Put into simple words, if the AI machine comes across an unfamiliar word or phrase, it does the guesswork to find out other words or phrases having similar meaning, and fetches the refined result accordingly.
Getting deeper into Rank Brain
The AI machine tries its best to grasp the intent of query, which otherwise holds no meaning. For instance, let's consider a query, "FIFA city". There could be several intents behind this search.
  1. The searcher might want to inquire about a FIFA tournament, which is about to happen or took place recently.
  2. The person might be currently located in a hotel near FIFA venue and is looking out to reach the stadium to attend the opening ceremony.
  3. The searcher might be interested to know about the winners of all the FIFA tournaments till date or may be just want to know about the defending champion.
  4. He might want to search for the origin city of the best FIFA player in the last season.
  5. The searcher might also be willing to look out for the most promising players of the ongoing / upcoming season of FIFA.
Since the FIFA 2018 is about to start recently, hence, most probably, a simplistic algorithm will show the venue of the tournament as the search result, irrespective of the main intent behind the query. However, with Rank Brain algorithm at work, the story could be different. For example, if the searcher is currently located in the venue city of the FIFA opening ceremony, Google might end up giving directions to the concerned stadium. Hence, signals such as current location of the searcher, freshness of the web content, and so on, can be significant for Rank Brain in interpreting the most satisfying results.
Optimizing for Rank Brain
It is easy to optimize your website for Rank Brain; what you require is to follow Google's advice, "Try to write content that sounds human". Yes, just write it in simple and natural language. If you start writing like machines, your website would only end up confusing this algorithm, without getting any optimization benefits. It is high time to upgrade your business and include upscale technology to acquire potential customers. Rank Brain is among the best innovations in this regard to satisfy your cause; all you need is to enjoy searching with this artificial intelligence invention!
Expert Author Susan Leigh
After the stress of divorce moving on can seem daunting, especially if there are outstanding legal and financial matters. There is often personal and emotional readjustment to consider too, usually when we're feeling at our lowest ebb.
Let's reflect on some top tips to help you move on from divorce:
Self-esteem and confidence often suffer as a consequence of divorce, maybe through feeling a failure or concern at letting yourself or others down. Counselling and hypnotherapy can help with processing what went wrong, learn from the experience and become more positive and confident, perhaps even better than before! Addressing unhelpful, underlying patterns and behaviours can help you move forward, having learned valuable lessons from the divorce experience. Healing in part is about dealing with unwanted, negative patterns in order to avoid repeating them in the future.
- It's now time to become more independent and self-sufficient. Couples often share friends, social interests and decision-making, so moving on alone can feel scary. Include friends and family, take things at your pace, adopt a realistic perspective, laugh at your mistakes and make the transition easier. Also in relationships there are often his and her or yours and mine tasks. You may need time to learn to do things you've never done before. Ask for help, let go of the frustration and be gentle with yourself. It takes the time it takes to move on!
- Aim to keep yourself relevant and up-to-date. Keep in touch with the outside world and stay connected. Watch the news and popular TV so that you can join in with conversations. Invest in your appearance, even if it's a simple colour change or gentle makeover. Plan a pamper evening, supper party, card evening or have your mates round for the televised football. Let others contribute a dish or bottle so it's an inexpensive evening. Play board games together, all fun, easy ways to keep in touch.
- Home may feel very different post-divorce. It may be time to relocate and focus on establishing a new home for you and yours. Or financial considerations may make selling the marital home prohibitive for the time being. Staying there may be viable in the short-term; it allows time to settle, heal and plan ahead. If so, find ways to reorganise your home. Rugs, prints and little touches can make a real difference. Let the children help so that they feel involved and invested too.
- Possessions can be a tough call. Often getting rid of things can be both symbolic and cathartic. Sometimes letting something go that meant a lot can be the right thing to do. Do you really want to be reminded of your relationship every time you enter a room?
- Sleeping alone may feel strange at first, but it's true that people do gradually get used to occupying an entire double bed. Change your mindset about your bedroom - it's your place now. Turn it into a haven and make it how you want it to be. Put lavender on your pillow, take a relaxing bath and get cozy in your space.
Work often becomes more important after divorce. It may be essential to earn money, so you really need to settle down to working at your job or career. Or could now be time to start out again and achieve something you've always wanted to do, something special for yourself? Re-write your CV, investigate career options or re-training. Consider the best way to make that fresh start and look at a new career, or starting a business of your own. This could be your catalyst for change!
As you find your feet appreciate the opportunity for a new beginning and discover positive ways to move on from your divorce.

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